What Fans Are Saying About Dimitri Snowden’s ‘Social Media Purge’

What Fans Are Saying About Dimitri Snowden’s ‘Social Media Purge’

Dimitri Snowden is a controversial Seeking Sister Wife star. Fans have tried to figure out why Dimitri deleted all of his posts on Instagram.

Dimitri Snowden from Seeking Sister Wife has made headlines since starring on the show, and here’s everything to know about the reality show fanbase’s response to Dimitri deleting social media posts. Dimitri has been at the center of controversy since his ex-wife Christeline Petersen accused Dimitri of domestic abuse in April. Dimitri’s Instagram recently had a major transformation, and fans have a lot to say about the change.

On Seeking Sister Wife season 3, Dimitri and his wife Ashley Snowden were searching for a third partner to complete their plural marriage. Previously, Dimitri and Ashley were married to Vanessa Cobbs, but Vanessa stunned her polygamist partners when she abruptly decided to leave the plural marriage. Seeking Sister Wife‘s most recent season documented Dimitri and Ashley courting Christeline, a 32-year-old mother from South Africa.

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Eventually, Christeline moved to the United States with her children and lived with Dimitri and Ashley. On the reality show, everything appeared to be going well for the polygamist throuple, and Christeline ended Seeking Sister Wife‘s season 3 by getting married to Dimitri. Shortly after Christeline married Dimitri in July 2020, Dimitri found himself in the middle of controversy.

Is Dimitri Snowden Trying To Stay Under The Radar?

By January 2021, Christeline and her children had left Dimitri and Ashley. In April 2021, Christeline filed for a restraining order against Dimitri and Ashley. Christeline accused both Dimitri and Ashley of abuse in her plea for a restraining order. Christeline’s allegations became a hot topic among the Seeking Sister Wife fanbase, with some viewers even calling for the end of the show. As a result of Christeline’s claims, Dimitri turned into the reality show’s biggest villain. In the wake of the Seeking Sister Wife couple’s domestic abuse allegations, some fans think that Ashley broke up with Dimitri. Although a lot has been said about Dimitri since Christeline’s statement, the reality television personality has hidden under the radar and opted to not comment.

Dimitri Snowden Deleted Every Instagram Photo

Recently, Dimitri renovated his Instagram account. He went on a social media purge and deleted every photo from his IG. While he retains his 139,000 follower count, Dimitri no longer has any photos of his family or background available for viewers to see on his social media platform. Seeking Sister Wife fans on Reddit noticed Dimitri’s surprising Instagram makeover and discussed the implications of the drastic change. One prevailing fan theory is that Dimitri’s Instagram cleanse is a result of legal action. A user wrote, “Either he had to or he’s destroying evidence.” Fans also speculated that Dimitri’s barren Instagram is the result of Seeking Sister Wife season 4. Despite Seeking Sister Wife alum Taylor Middleton campaigning for the reality series to get canceled in the wake of Dimitri’s abuse allegations, fans think his social media blackout could mean he’s back on set.

Reddit Users Have Fan Theories

Dimitri Ashley Snowden Christeline Seeking Sister Wife

One Reddit user explained that they believe Dimitri’s lack of Instagram posts “could be related to filming a new season.” Finally, fans wondered why Dimitri opted to rework his social media presence in such a public manner. A user posed the thoughtful statement, “I wonder why he purged it all instead of just privatizing.” A fellow Seeking Sister Wife fan responded that they think Dimitri is hoping to get more attention out of this brazen move. The user wrote, “I honestly don’t think his ego/desperation for fame would allow him to delete or privatize an Instagram with that many followers.” While Reddit users have a slew of potential explanations for Dimitri’s Instagram purge but no definite answers, what is clear is that Seeking Sister Wife fans can’t trust Dimitri.

Overall, Dimitri is in as precarious of a situation as ever. Although cleansing his Instagram account certainly puzzled some of his viewers, it has not made him look any less questionable. Hopefully, Seeking Sister Wife fans’ questions about Dimitri’s curious actions will be answered soon.

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