What King Thoki a Thor & Loki Variant Would Look Like in the MCU

What King Thoki a Thor & Loki Variant Would Look Like in the MCU

A new piece of Loki fan art by BossLogic imagines a variant that is essentially a fused Thor and Loki in the Marvel Cinematic

Warning: SPOILERS for Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor and Loki fuse to become King Thoki, a variant inspired by Disney+’s Loki, in a new piece of fan art. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) have been tenets of the MCU ever since debuting in 2011. The God of Thunder and his mischievous brother’s contentious and sometimes heartfelt relationship is a focal point of Thor, The AvengersThor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok. By Avengers: Infinity War, the pair are finally on the same team, with Loki embracing his role as an Odinson. Unfortunately, he also dies at the hand of Thanos within the film’s opening minutes.

Loki follows The Avengers’ version of Loki circa 2012 who escapes with the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame’s time heist. After being arrested by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), the series explores the idea of alternate timelines, variants, determinism, and, above all, Loki. In episode 5, Loki wakes up in “The Void” at the end of time, where the TVA sends everything they prune; including more variants like Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki, President Loki, and even a Frog Thor, a.k.a. Throg, yearning for Mjolnir. All of the Loki variants share a propensity for treachery and fulfilling some sort of “glorious purpose.” Suffice to say, Throg and other Thor variants are most likely impulsive and enjoy a good fight.

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Famed internet artist, BossLogic, recently posted a picture to Twitter depicting a variant he dubbed “King Thoki.” Taking a cue from the Dragon Ball universe—where characters often utilize fusion, the process of merging two or more beings into one, combining their powers/attributes—this new piece depicts Thor and Loki as one being wielding both Stormbreaker and Loki’s scepter as one weapon. Thoki also kind of looks like the Winter Soldier. Check it out below:

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It’s worth noting that in Dragon Ball Z, the dynamic of Goku/Kakarot and Vegeta (who fuse into Vegito/Gogeta) mirrors that of Thor and Loki—two beings from another world who, despite their shared heritage, become enemies before allies. BossLogic’s art imagines a timeline where Thor and his adoptive brother Loki became one—a timeline where Thanos surely would’ve had a much harder time getting the mind stone from the King of Asgard, Thoki. Or, the art could be symbolic of how the Odinsons are stronger together as evident by their victories in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. It provokes interesting ideas and is just plain cool.

This week’s final episode of Loki should irrevocably change the MCU. In episode 5, Loki and Lady Loki, a.k.a. Sylvie were able to enchant Alioth with a little help from Classic Loki, clearing the way to a fortress housing whoever created the TVA. Many have speculated that this mastermind is Kang the Conqueror; however, a variant from the trailers, appearing to be King Loki, hasn’t yet appeared in the show. Another Loki variant being behind the TVA would certainly align with the series’ theme. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say this mysterious figure won’t be King Thoki. If it was, Loki and Sylvie would certainly have a much harder time liberating the multiverse.

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Source: BossLogic

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