What to Know About Atlanta-Region Spa Shooting: Murder Suspect; Experts say the killings are linked to colorlessness

What to Know About Atlanta-Region Spa Shooting: Murder Suspect; Experts say the killings are linked to colorlessness

Atlanta-Eight people (mostly Asian women) were killed in three shootings in the Atlanta-territory space before police arrested a man on suspicion of murder on Tuesday night. ..

Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, has been charged with eight murders against the suspect and will appear in court on Thursday.

Captain Jay Baker, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office in Cerokee County, said the detainees were in Crisp County, about 150 miles south of Atlanta. He was transferred to the Sheriff’s Office in Cherokee County on Wednesday morning.

According to police, Mr Long told authorities that his work was not a racist motivation and often hated some places where the shootings took place.

However, many experts and top Asian-American legal scholars have found that racism is racial due to the recent wave of attacks on Asian-Americans, in line with the spread of the coronavirus throughout the United States. It claims to have nothing to do with motivated killings.

Who was affected?

In Cerokee County, the victim was Aquos’ Delina Ashley Yuan, 33. Atlanta Paul-Andre Michels, 54; Kensor’s Xiaoji Ian, 49 years old. And Daou Feng, 44 years old. A 30-year-old Hispanic man was injured.

According to police, all four victims of the shooting in Atlanta were Asian women.

South Korea’s foreign ministry said Wednesday that Atlanta diplomats confirmed that the four women were of Korean descent.

Michelle’s younger brother, John Michaels, 52, said he believed his brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He said they grew up in Detroit with a total of nine siblings, riding dirt bikes, spending summer weekends on the lake and playing pranks together. The two served in the US Army at the same time, and his brother served as an infantry soldier in the late 1980s.

I was basically like twins because I was the closest in age, John said. We did everything when we grew up.

John says Paul Michele owns an alarm company in Atlanta, and he and his wife Bonnie have lived for 26 years. He was a very hard-working Republican, John added, and was a strong supporter of Trump.

John insisted on sending a message to the murder suspect, even in sorrow. This is a tragedy, but I forgive him and do the same for Jesus Christ … I can’t hate him. I pray for his repentance.

What else do you know about the suspect?

Captain Jay Baker, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office in Cherokee County, said a 9mm gun had been recovered from Long’s car.

Of the three shootings, Lang was officially charged on Wednesday with eight murders by authorities. The four counts against Long are related to shooting at two massage parlors in Atlanta. The other four are related to shooting at a massage parlor in Cherokee County.

In an interview with Atlanta police, Deputy Sheriff County Sheriff, and FBI officials, Long said his job was not racially motivated, Reynolds said.

He had been rehabilitating for a long time because of sexual addiction and felt guilty about his sexual attraction and the two who lived with him in temporary housing.

According to Baker, Long had a kind of pornography industry in Florida that he wanted to face and believed he would go to the state when he was arrested.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said the Atlanta Spa is not under police surveillance.

Attack Day-Tuesday, Long bought a gun from Big Woods Goods, a lawyer at a great game store in Cherokee County. Everything they have will be returned, Kirgo said.

According to officials, the only police report in the file referring to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Long reported that a 19-year-old girlfriend fled with her girlfriend and her parents were missing 1992. It was from the year. Their son sent them a letter stating that he hadn’t returned home and he wanted to start anew, the report said.

Did the attack target Asians?

Local police said Wednesday that it was too early to say whether the killing of the massage parlor was a racist motive and could be related to sexual addiction.

According to a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office in Cherokee County, spaghetti was seen as wanting to overcome the temptation.

But Grace Kao, an expert in Asian-American studies and director of sociology at Yale University, said the killings were difficult to deal with.

The shooter targeted Asian-American women, saying, Asian-American women are seen as outsiders and women in the U.S. media and are suspected of prostitution due to the first U.S. immigration ban. An American woman who added that she could easily see the suspicions of Americans.

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