Where to Find Every Pocket Dimension in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Where to Find Every Pocket Dimension in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has several different worlds and there are 12 different pocket dimensions spread across them for players to find.

Along with the nine planets that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has to explore, there are 12 pocket dimensions. These pocket dimensions are spread across the galaxy for players to find and explore. Pocket dimensions aren’t necessary for the story of the game, but they are connected and can give the player even more lore to look into.

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These hidden little openings are marked by scar marks between the pocket dimension and the current dimension. While players could come across a pocket dimension as they are exploring, it is somewhat unlikely without actually looking for them outright. We will go over the specific locations below.

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The Locations of all 12 Pocket Dimensions in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The 12 Pocket Dimension Locations

  1. Corson V Nefarious City – This is the only pocket dimension within Nefarious City. It is on the North-Eastern side of the map. Head to the small island and look behind the building in the upper right section of the island. Here is where players can find their first pocket dimension. Completing the challenges here will grant the player the Robot Disguise helmet.
  2. Sargasso Outpost L51 (Rivet’s Base) – This first pocket dimension in Sargasso is inside of Rivet’s Base. Keep left in the base to find the cracks between dimensions. Completing this challenge will grant the player the Robot Disguise boots.
  3. Sargasso Outpost L51 (Southwest Island) – This next pocket dimension is found near the South Western section of Sargasso. Head to the island west of the main landscape. This rift can be found just past the facility in the southwest near the very edge of the island. Completing this challenge will grant the player the Robot Disguise chest.
  4. Sargasso Outpost L51 (Critical Path) – This last pocket dimension of Sargasso is part of the main storyline’s pathway. It will act as a bit of a tutorial for the player. Completing the tutorial will grant players the Galactic Ranger.
  5. Scarstu Debris Field – This should be a fairly easy pocket dimension to spot. After landing in this area, head northeast. Players should be able to easily spot the purple pocket dimension from the landing pads. Completing the challenge here will grant players the Q-Force helmet.
  6. Savali Urfdah Mesa (Southwestern Edge) – Near the very southwestern edge of the map for the Savali Urfdah Mesa, players should be able to find the first of the two pocket dimensions in this area. This challenge is wall-running based and will grant players the Captain Starshield helmet for completing it.
  7. Savali Urfdah Mesa (Northwestern Cliff) – This other pocket dimension is up on a cliff to the northeastern side of the map. It has a very similar challenge from the previous one in this area. Completing the challenge will grant players the Lombax Praetorian greaves.
  8. Blizar Prime Blizon Mines – Players can find this pocket dimension on the main road of the mines heading northeast. After getting the mission from the cook, look to the left. They should be able to spot the pocket dimension. Completing the challenge within will grant the player the Galactic Ranger chest.
  9. Torren IV Molonoth Gulch – After the player gets the Hurlshot, head across the islands to find the pocket dimension. Rivet will make a comment about it when the player gets close if they don’t see it. Completing the challenge inside grants the Lombax Praetorian helmet.
  10. Cordelion Kedaro Station – This single pocket dimension can be found in the other dimension, heading southeast from the Furion Forge. Completing this challenge will grant the player the Captain Starshield chest.
  11. Ardolis Pirate Base – This pocket dimension is near the pirate base on the beach, south of the caves. The pocket dimension will be behind the player from this area. The reward for completing the challenge within are the Captain Starshield boots.
  12. Viceron Zoradoom Prison – Finally, the last of the pocket dimensions is in the Zoradoom Prison. Players can find it from the Zurkon vendor. Go North and head into the hidden storage room to find it. This challenge will reward the player with the Lombax Praetorian chest.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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