White House press secretary frowns on Biden’s media interaction

White House press secretary frowns on Biden’s media interaction

President Joe Biden answered his fourth reporter’s question after speaking last week when he apologized to the press.

Look, I’m so sorry. “This is the last question I’ll answer,” Biden said. “I will really have problems.”

In fact, yes, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki revealed in an interview with the podcast this week.

Psaki told CNN’s David Axelrod that the liaison service condemns Biden’s willingness to interact with reporters who ask questions during Biden’s public appearances.

“This is not what we recommend,” said Psaki. In fact, we often say, “Don’t answer questions.

But, she admitted, He is going to do what he wants because he is the President of the United States.

Psaki, who expects to retire from her highly professional and stressful job in about a year, spoke frankly about her efforts to maintain the message of a president who loves to connect with people, including reporters.

This means staying focused on the issues that the White House wants to talk about, especially what is being done to stop the pandemic and get the economy back on track. It also means staying away from controversial issues such as the influx of migrants at the border.

Psaki said one of the reasons the White House was reluctant to call the situation a crisis, despite reporters insisting on why officials were not using the term, was to keep the media out of a nugget that could would get to the bottom of TV screens or be tweeted.

Psaki said We understand and know the nature of some of the components of social networking and media these days. And we just didn’t want to get involved in this, on this issue, or on any issue at all.

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