Why Captain America’s Shield is Stronger in the Comics Than The MCU

Why Captain America’s Shield is Stronger in the Comics Than The MCU

Captain America’s shield is an iconic Marvel weapon, but in the MCU, Cap’s shield is nowhere close to being as strong as its comics counterpart.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America’s shield is an unbelievably strong and durable weapon that’s an efficient tool in taking down bad guys across the board, yet when compared to the shield that Cap wields in Marvel Comics, it doesn’t even hold a candle to the original. And to think, all it comes down to is what each shield is made of!

As synonymous to Captain America as Cap’s love for the United States and what its values stand for, Cap’s shield is an object that barely needs an introduction. Used as Cap’s main weapon of choice stretching way back to his humble Marvel Comics beginnings during World War II, the red, white and blue of his star spangled shield is as much a part of who Captain America is as his equally as iconic costume or his favorite pastime of punching evil villains in the face.

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But compared to its MCU counterpart, the shield that Captain America uses in comics is much stronger for a few different reasons. Made entirely out of a comics-only metal called proto-adamantium, the most obvious reason for Cap’s shield to be stronger than the one used in the MCU is simply because of what it’s made of. Composed of but not limited to the metal known as vibranium, Cap’s comic shield — as the name suggests — also includes the nigh indestructible man-made metal known as adamantium; an alloy that’s well known by fans of the adamantium clawed hero, Wolverine, and one that can withstand insane amounts of force, temperatures and energy blasts (among many other things).

Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and Steve Rogers charge towards evildoers.

Conversely, the MCU version of the shield is solely composed of vibranium — a special alloy mostly found and used by the people of Wakanda (including its protector, Black Panther) — making it an extremely powerful weapon in its own right and something that’s nearly unrivaled in the film universe, yet unfortunately isn’t something that can stand toe-to-toe with Cap’s comic weapon. Considering that adamantium isn’t a thing in the movies (yet), Cap’s MCU shield is only composed of vibranium, giving the live-action version of the shield a noticeable step down in quality by default.

Known in the MCU to have been shattered, cracked and scratched by any number of characters both heroic and villainous, vibranium is a metal that is extremely powerful in its kinetic energy absorption and redirection, but can also be entirely destroyed if enough energy is directed at it at any given time. Meanwhile, and thanks to the unique proto-adamantium build of Cap’s comic shield, this version of his weapon is completely resistant to any form of extreme temperatures, forceful attacks and — combined with the energy absorption properties of its vibranium-like elements — any kind of kinetic assault that Cap may face while on the battlefield.

So while Captain America’s MCU shield is a powerful weapon in its own right, it simply can’t compare to the near perfection of his comic book shield that’s not only unable to be recreated, but is as strong as it is durable. This iconic shield may have recently passed to a new Captain America in the film universe, but it’ll always be the strongest in comics…until a certain someone with access to adamantium shows up, that is.

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