Why Kourtney Kardashian May Have 28% Fake IG Followers

Why Kourtney Kardashian May Have 28% Fake IG Followers

A social media expert has alleged that Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian has 28% fake followers on Instagram. Could it be true?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians family members are some of the most sought-after celebrities on social media, but an expert has alleged that a lot of Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram followers are fake. The famous sisters each boast hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram and across social platforms. However, recent data has unveiled the alleged fake follower counts of some of today’s most popular celebrity influencers. Among her popular sisters, Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian supposedly has the highest number of fake followers.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are paid millions to endorse products online. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have the highest follower counts. Between 230 to 240 million accounts from all over the world follow their Instagram moves. Kendall Jenner is in second place with 175 million followers, and Khloé Kardashian has 164 million followers. Kourtney Kardashian has 132 million followers. Their reach and impressions on the popular social networking app help the reality icons to rake in big bucks from paid sponsorships. However, new data allegedly shows that the sisters might not be reaching as many people as their sponsors expect, since so many fake accounts are following them.

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New data from All Home Connections suggests that millions of celebrity followers have inactive accounts, PCMag reports. Among the public figures with the most fake followers, Kourtney came in at number one. Kourtney, who is Travis Barker’s girlfriend, allegedly has over 32 million fake accounts following her page, meaning that she has a whopping 28% fake Instagram pages listed among her hundred million followers. Pop star Katy Perry came in second with a little less than Kourtney’s number of fake followers. Soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior came in third, with music stars Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus taking the fourth and fifth spots.

Kourtney’s sister Kim is at number six with 26% of fake pages allegedly following her. Over on Twitter, Kourtney didn’t make the list, but Kim did. The SKIMS founder came in at number three with 48% alleged fake Twitter accounts following her. Some people speculate that celebs like the KUWTK sisters might have bought followers at some point, but that can’t be confirmed. All that is being said is that these are the celebrities with the highest amounts of fake followers. The data was determined by reviewing the most followed, non-politically-associated people on Instagram and Twitter.

Researchers then used tools that perform estimates on fake followers. This is done to audit a celebrity’s social media presence. The number of alleged fakes is divided by the number of fakes in the overall follower count. Then, a fake follower percentage is determined. When considering how many fake followers Kourtney and Kim from Keeping Up With the Kardashians reportedly have, it’s quite surprising how much influence they have on social media. With Kourtney fueling engagement rumors with Travis Barker, her followers could organically spike if she finally walks down the aisle.

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Source: PCMag

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