Why Loki Did Such A Deep Comics Cut With The Alioth

Why Loki Did Such A Deep Comics Cut With The Alioth

Exclusive: Loki creator, Michael Waldron, says they went on the hunt for a comic version of an idea in the writers’ room, which resulted in Alioth.

Head writer of Loki, Michael Waldron, said that they did a deep comics cut to include Alioth in the show. Loki is the newest Disney+ series to be included as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The show follows the titular trickster god after the events of Avengers: Endgame. With only six episodes total for the first season, there’s now only one episode remaining.

In the third episode, titled “Journey Into Mystery,” Loki now finds himself among other Lokis that have been pruned. In typical Loki fashion, he attempts to outsmart his current situation. Now being pursued by The Void, he must work with other Loki variants in order to figure out his next step. They ultimately come across what seems to be a giant, dark cloud, which is actually a very strong entity, also known as Alioth.

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During an interview with Screen Rant, Waldron talked about the relation between the Marvel comics and the Loki show. He explained how awesome it is to be able to incorporate various things from the source material. In this case, Alioth wasn’t an obvious choice, but came about after going back into the comics to find something that fit. He noted how this isn’t the first introduction of storms in the series. See below for his full comment:

As I’ve said before, if you can find something from the comics and use it – whether it’s just convenient, whether it’s a good idea or not – then it just becomes awesome. That’s the great thing about the comics. I think it was our writers’ assistant, Ryan Kohler, who originally had the idea of ‘What if the Void is like a trash compactor?’ They get thrown down there and something devours them. And then we went on a hunt for a comics version of that, and Alioth was there. I love that deep cut stuff. He certainly has had his own run-ins with the TVA and everything. And I love Twister. I think it’s the second episode that has storms in it, and I like the moodiness of thunderstorms.

Loki Episode 5 Alioth

In the comics, Alioth is also known as “The Supreme Time Being,” as it is the first entity to free itself from the restrictions of time. It’s a massive cloud that kills anything that it comes into physical contact with, which it does across multiple dimensions. The more that it eats, the bigger it becomes, as this entity seeks to devour realities. Alioth is directly tied to Kang The Conqueror, who is already confirmed to be played by Jonathan Majors in the MCU.

At one point in time, superhero films were teased for using large, dark clouds as antagonists. For example, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer portrayed Galactus as a giant cloud. While dark storms can be utilized as a way to establish an ominous setting, it’s a risky decision to portray the villain this way. In the case of Loki, not only does Alioth come across as much more intimidating, but it’s cool to see the character join the MCU. While it’s a bit disappointing to see this powerful entity turned essentially into a guard dog, it’s exciting to see where things will go in the season finale and what the repercussions will be in following Marvel films and shows.

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