Will Elden Ring Feature The Moonlight Greatsword

Will Elden Ring Feature The Moonlight Greatsword

Elden Ring has the potential to stand out uniquely among its previous Souls counterparts. Still, it might feature a classic weapon from the series.

With the trailer shown during the 2021 Summer Games Fest presentation, fans of the Dark Souls series got another look at Elden Ring, the next major release from FromSoftware. While the game has not been explicitly denoted as continuation of titles like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, certain common details do exist among a number of FromSoftware games. It is for this reason that the Moonlight Greatsword might make an appearance in Elden Ring.

An iconic weapon from the series, the Moonlight Greatsword makes appearances in numerous Dark Souls games. Though the blade’s name or background may vary from title to title, each iteration maintains the sword’s unique appearance and powers. The same could certainly end up holding true if the Moonlight Greatsword weapon makes it into Elden Ring, as well.

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In each FromSoftware game that the Moonlight Greatsword appears, it is connected to similar concepts or entities. Certain games, such as Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, emphasize the perceived sanctity of the blade and reference its holiness. Others, like the Dark Souls trilogy of games, tie the sword to the pale dragon Seath the Scaleless, a notable character within the story. If the Moonlight Greatsword were to reappear in Elden Ring, one of these aspects of the blade could be focused upon again, or a new origin for the sword could be created. That being said, the recent trailer for Elden Ring features a dragon that resembles Seath; if there is a connection, it could open the door for the Moonlight Greatsword to appear.

Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware Has History With the Moonlight Greatsword

Kings Field Moonlight Greatsword

Long before the creation of Elden Ring or the Dark Souls series, the Moonlight Greatsword appeared in one of FromSoftware’s earlier ventures, King’s Field. Despite predating the series by many years, the Souls games can be considered spiritual successors to King’s Field. A holy blade known as the Moonlight Sword held a great significance in that game, and bore a striking resemblance to the weapon fans know today. Curiously, that sword also had a connection to a white dragon named Seath. Perhaps it is out of respect for the legacy of King’s Field that FromSoftware adds the Moonlight Greatsword to each Souls game.

Elden Ring could potentially be the next game to carry on the tradition of including the Moonlight Greatsword. Still, nothing is guaranteed; FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice notably did not feature the weapon in any regard. Fans will have to wait until the game’s release before they have definitive confirmation.

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