Winter Storm, Grammy, Oscar Nominees: 5 things to know on Monday

Winter Storm, Grammy, Oscar Nominees: 5 things to know on Monday

The winter-spring clash occurred on Sunday as it snowed up to four feet in parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Nebraska, with the potential for heavy rains, strong winds, floods and tornadoes in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Misuri. Over the weekend, more than 2,000 flights were canceled outside of Denver alone, and several highways were closed due to dangerous conditions. The Colorado Snow Information Center warns of “serious and dangerous snow conditions” and increases the risk of snowfall. According to the National Weather Service, Cheen saw a total of 25.8 inches of snow in Wyoming this weekend. This is above the record for the last two days since 1979. Of snow and gusts up to 60 inches before the cold on Monday.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift make history at the Grammy Awards

Pop stunt Billy Hilsa broke the record twice in a row, making Taylor Swift the first female singer to win the album for the first time this year. This year I won the honor with “Folk Roar”. Beyonce is most of it. The “Daily Show” hosted by Trevor Noah was won by female artists, with male or female singers winning the most. It was the biggest award of the night to win the “Bad Boy” record on “Everything I Wanted” this year, but he just wanted to honor Megan they Stallion on “Savage,” a collaboration between Houston rapper and Beyonce. য়া Dua Lipa, Brandi Carlile and Heim attended the show on Sunday night.

The Grammy Awards were right and wrong for the variety from Beyonce to BTS
In your cardigan: Taylor Swift’s cozy cabin vibrates for a Grammy Award
Cardi B, the provocative “WAP” of Megan Ti Stallion, praises the Grammy performance and raises concerns

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  2. Derek Chauvin’s Trial: Racist jury composition is a major concern as elections continue

A jury trial is underway that killed Derek Chauvin on the grounds of George Floyd’s death last May. This process takes about 3 weeks. Given the circumstances surrounding Floyd’s death (a black man who died under the knees of a white police officer), the ethnic composition of the jury is an important concern. The court is still sitting with seven juries until Friday. Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cayhill, who presided over the trial, identified the four juries as white, one multinational corporation, one hippopotamus, and one black. Six of the juries are 20 or 30 years old and one is 50 years old. On Friday, Minneapolis city leaders approved a £ 27m deal with his family, who were detained by police on charges of murdering George Floyd.

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  2. Los Angeles County Indoor Dining Room, Cinema, Gym Reopening

Once the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Los Angeles County will open an indoor dinner, cinema, and gym on Monday. The county switched to California’s tier-based system of “red rubber” after achieving its goal of providing two million doses of vaccine to residents of poorer areas. The county also announced plans to reopen, including 25% state-approved in-house dining and 50% reopening of retail stores. This is a welcome sign for the county that was crushed by COVID-19 just two months ago.

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Strange award season continues with Oscar nominations

As critic Brian Troit points out, “March Madness” certainly seems appropriate, but it wasn’t made for this year’s Oscar Rush. The Academy Awards on April 25 were delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the season of the virtual film festival, new rules, and various other sabotages, but some of the real pioneers had a lot of confusion. there was. With an Oscar nomination announced Monday morning, they will eventually get the answer that movie followers are looking for. Celebrity duos Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been nominated, and the show will air live on YouTube and ABC from 8.99 ET / 5.19 PM PT. In two major competitions, Tr’s musical story

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