With no known a venomous snake antivenom

With no known a venomous snake antivenom — bites San Diego Zoo employee

A toxic snake bit an employee of the San Diego Zoo on Monday, according to zoo officials.

A zoo spokesman told 10 News that employees were taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

The San Diego Zoo deals with many toxic reptiles, but such incidents are extremely rare and snakes have always been contained without risk of escape, the Associated Press said in a statement.

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The snake involved is an African venomous snake, also known as the Atherissquamigera. According to the University of Michigan Zoological Museum website, naturally growing poisons in parts of West Africa and Central Africa can cause fever, bleeding, and possibly death in humans.

No antitoxin is known against African viper venom, according to the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York.

However, patients can be treated for bites with antitoxins made for other snake venoms. This is because the Dallas Zoo treats the locals bitten by the African snakes they kept at home, even though it was illegal to own them in Dallas and Fort Worth in 2015. It was useful. This is for January.

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