World of Warcraft: How to Unlock The Red Flying Cloud Mount

World of Warcraft: How to Unlock The Red Flying Cloud Mount

Players can get the Red Flying Cloud mount in World of Warcraft by completing another collection instead of buying it within the in-game store.

There are several different flying mounts that players can find in World of Warcraft, that mimic spells, like the Red Flying Cloud. While not red or just a cloud, this ethereal mount can be purchased or earned within the game fairly easily. The trick is, if a player doesn’t have the currency to buy it, they will have to acquire it another way.

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Before getting too far into this mount, players will need to know a couple things about it. It requires the player to be an Exalted Lorewalker, between level 1-60, and be an apprentice rider. Players who are still interested in purchasing it can do so through the vendor Tan Shin Tao in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for 600 gold. Otherwise, keep reading.

Completing the Lore Scroll Collection in Pandora of World of Warcraft for the Red Flying Cloud Mount

To unlock the mount, players will need to collect all of the lore scrolls from Pandora. To start of though, head to the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms atop Mogu’Shan Palace. Speak to Zidormi here, and ask her to show the player what the Vale looked like before the Black Empire assault. This will allow the player to see the lore scrolls.

The Vale of Eternal Blossoms Lore Scroll Locations – 

  1. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 8: The first scroll from here can be found near the Siege of Orgrimmar raid entrance. It will be in the Summer Fields’ shrine, read through it before heading off to the next one.
  2. Always Remember: The second scroll is near the Tu Shen Burial Grounds. The small shrine to the left should have a blue light above it to indicate the scroll. Read through the Always Remember scroll to collect it.
  3. The Thunder King: The third scroll is in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near Mistfall Village. This scroll will be off to the right of the entrance to the Quartermaster. Read through the Thunder King before heading to the next one.
  4. Together, We Are Strong: Above the Guo-Lai Halls, the scroll is hiding behind the statue here. This is the last of the scrolls in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The Townlong Steppes Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. Trapped in a Strange Land: Head to the eastern end of Hatred’s Vice in Townlong Steppes and find the hut surrounded by hyenas. To the left of the hut’s entrance should be the first of the lore scrolls.
  2. Dominance: The next scroll is within the Fire Camp Osul. This one is rested against a totem in the camp that should be easy to spot with the blue glow.
  3. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 5: The last of these scrolls is slightly south of the Niuzao Temple. It’s sitting on a shrine near the Old Valor and Justice quartermasters are.

The Dreaded Wastes Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. Amber: Head to the northern end of the Dread Wastes atop the tree icon between Kor’Vess and Kypari Vor on the map. Enter the Amber Vault here and in the back of the vault, the scroll is leaning on a mantid statue.
  2. The Empress: This second scroll will be over at the Heart of Fear. This one will also be against a mantid statue, but nearby some homes.
  3. Cycle of the Mantid: This scroll is between the Heart of Fear and Klaxxi’Vess near a giant kachunk. It will be leaning against a post here.
  4. Mantid Society: The next scroll will be between Kypari Ik, Kypari Zar, and the Lake of Stars. Sitting just northwest of the Lake of Stars, it is resting against a larger statue of a mantid in the wilderness.
  5.  The Deserters: At last, the final scroll of the Dreaded Wastes is on the opposite side of the Lake of Stars from the last scroll. This one will be near a campsite, leaning on a boulder.

Valley of the Four Winds Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. Pandaren Fight Tactics: On the northern end of the Paoquan Hollow, there should be a hut near a small pond in the forest. The scroll is on the backside of it.
  2. The Birthplace of Liu Lang: To the east of Stoneplow, there should be a prominent lifted building. On the right side of the building is the second scroll.
  3. The Wandering Widow: Just north of the Stormstout Brewery there’s a small shrine. This is where players can find the next scroll.
  4. A Most Famous Bill of Sale: This next scroll is in Halfhill. In the upper area, find the highest building, the scroll will be to the right of it’s entrance.
  5. Waterspeakers: On the southern end of the Pools of Purity, players can find this scroll sitting against a large fish statue.
  6. Embracing the Passions: The final scroll of this area is up in the northern end of the Thunderfoot Fields. On the side of the large building, this scroll is sitting by some barrels.

The Krasari Wilds Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. Waiting for the Turtle: This first scroll is on the beach between Zhu’s Watch and The Incursion. It will be sitting against a giant wooden turtle statue.
  2. The Lost Dynasty: On the northern end of the Ruins of Dojan, players should find the next scroll resting against the smaller golden statue.
  3. The Last Stand: Northwest of the Crane Wing Refuge, find the waterfall. Behind this waterfall in the Riverblade Den is the third scroll.
  4. Origins: South of the waterfall, should be a small village. In the village center building behind Cournith Waterstrider, players can find the scroll.
  5. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 4: The next scroll is inside the Temple of the Red Crane. In the room with Ruun Ghostpaw, players should find the scroll on the crane statue gong.
  6. Hozen Maturity: On the beach southeast of Nayeli Lagoon, this last scroll will be just inside a cave.

The Jade Forest Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. Watersmithing: In the southern end of Moonwater Retreat, on a small table.
  2. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 3: This scroll is to the left of the entrance into the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
  3. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 1: The third scroll is in the shrine on the lake at Dawn’s Blossom.
  4. The Saurok: On the far eastern side of Windward Isle, players should find this scroll.
  5. Spirit Binders: The next one is between the Tian Monastery and the Terrace of Ten Thunders. It is in a corner surrounded by Spiritclaws.
  6. The First Monks: Southwest of the Tian Monastery, is a small monk training area. The scroll is against a tree on the right side.
  7. Hozen Speech: The last one is south of the Honeydew Village, on the coast near the green Hozen statue.

The Veiled Stair Lore Scroll Locations:

  1. The Defiant: The first is in the Secret Aerie, inside of the Ancient Passage, beside a statue surrounded by Soulbleeders.
  2. Role Call: Northeast of the Binan Village on the island, players can find the scroll in the center building of this small jinyu village.
  3. Yaungoil: This scroll is against a cart in the northern part of the Yaungol Advance.
  4. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 6: The next scroll is on the southern end against a shrine of the Temple of the White Tiger.
  5. Victory of Kun-Lai: On the eastern side of the Mogu’Shan Terrace, the scroll is by the hot air balloon.
  6. Valley of the Emperors: In the Tomb of the Conquerers, players can find this scroll in the main hall against a table.
  7. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 7: East of the Shado-Pan Monastery, this scroll is on the shrine near Ahone the Wanderer.
  8. The Emperor’s Burden – Part 2: Atop the mountain east of Winter’s Blossom, this scroll is against a tree beside a tombstone.
  9. The Hozen Ravage: Near the arena south of the mountain, players can find this scroll against the Hozen statue.
  10. Yaungol Tactics: The last one is west of the Westwind Rest, the scroll is against a totem.

Then players can take the achievements and their new heightened rank within the Lorewalkers and activate all of the associated quests. Go back to the Seat of Knowledge and turn in the quests to Lorewalker Cho. This will bring the player up to the Exalted level. To speed up the process, fly away and fly back and Lorewalker Cho will now allow the player to get the Red Flying Cloud mount.

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World of Warcraft is available on PC, Mac OS, and Classic Mac OS.

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