X-Men Are Finally Back, And Marvel’s Heroes Are As Excited As Fans

X-Men Are Finally Back, And Marvel’s Heroes Are As Excited As Fans

Marvel has kickstarted a new X-Men series with an all-new official team, and the rest of New York’s heroes couldn’t be happier that they’re back.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men #1 ahead!

Marvel Comics has just kicked off a brand new X-Men series with an official team for the next era of mutantkind, and the rest of the Marvel Universe’s heroes are just as excited as fans are. It’s been a while since an official team of X-Men has been active due to mutants having created their own mutant nation on the island of Krakoa. However, the end of the Hellfire Gala unveiled the new team of X-Men led by Cyclops and Jean Grey. Now, after saving the day in New York, Marvel’s heroes certainly seem glad that the mutant heroes are back in an official capacity.

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In X-Men #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Larraz, the new team of X-Men has created a new headquarters and base of operations right in the heart of New York in Central Park known as the Treehouse. However, it isn’t long before Scott and Jean’s new team consisting of Polaris, Synch, Sunfire, Rogue, and Laura Kinney’s Wolverine is put to the test when a massive alien robot attacks the city. Combining all of their powers, the X-Men are able to fabricate an equally large mech to combat and take down the alien robot, spectacularly saving the day.

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Furthermore, the new X-Men are able to save the city and get the win before any other heroes such as the Avengers or Fantastic Four arrived on the scene, and they are certainly met with an unusual reaction from the public: cheering and gratitude as opposed to the traditional fear and hate of comics’ past. Not only that, but the team receives some high praise from the other Marvel heroes once they do arrive, sharing their appreciation for their help and welcoming them back to New York. This is pretty cool, considering the tensions the rest of the globe has had with Krakoa in recent months, and especially after the Hellfire Gala, where mutantkind revealed that it had terraformed Mars into its own mutant world apart from Earth.


Seeing Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four all together and welcoming the X-Men back to New York is truly an exciting and awesome scene. It’s a moment that simultaneously creates strong feelings of classic nostalgia while also indicating a fresh and dynamic new era that’s come for the Marvel Universe with the X-Men operating as an official superhero team once more. While there may be some adjustments needed down the line or tensions created with other heroes, it’s nice to see the X-Men’s return receiving such a positive reception, especially on their first mission and their debut as a team.

However, it’s going to be interesting to see how the X-Men will operate if there’s a conflict of interest as the series continues. It’s possible future scenarios might force them to act on the interests of Krakoa over the rest of the world. Likewise, while Cyclops and Jean Grey created their team apart from the oversight of Krakoa’s governing Quiet Council, will the island’s leaders still try to enforce their will upon the team? While those sorts of issues are most likely on their way, it’s pretty great to just enjoy this first issue and be excited about the X-Men being back in action right along with the rest of Marvel’s heroes.

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