Xbox Teases PlayStation Controller Compatibility With Cloud Gaming

Xbox Teases PlayStation Controller Compatibility With Cloud Gaming

A Twitter post from the Xbox Game Pass account confirms that Microsoft’s cloud gaming initiative does indeed support PlayStation controllers.

A recent social media post from Xbox Game Pass further confirms that PlayStation controllers are compatible with Xbox’s cloud-based gaming services. Interestingly, this doesn’t count as the first tease of its kind. In late June, an Xbox Game Pass commercial briefly featured a glimpse at a DualShock 4, hinting that Sony’s gamepads function on Xbox-branded platforms.

Microsoft’s xCloud service continues to widen its reach, thanks to its accessibility across on Xbox consoles, PC, Android, and Apple devices. As of now, only those who’ve subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can access the accompanying cloud gaming options. And, make no mistake, the options are aplenty. Xbox Cloud Gaming for Apple devices and PC received a full launch several days ago, for example, allowing Game Pass Ultimate members to stream more than 100 games to iOS platforms and PC. The service supports a wide variety of gamepads, too, including several Xbox controllers, Razer accessories, and many more.

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The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account shared a post earlier today, June 7, featuring a four-line poem – an ekphrastic poem, if you will – about the image that accompanies it. Said image is of someone using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to play Sea of Thieves. And what of the controller they use to set sail on the high seas? It’s a DualShock 4. The full thing is in full view as well – no odd cropping, no blurry pixels in just the right spot. Even the “PS” logo on the button below DualShock 4’s built-in speak appears on full display. This serves as further confirmation that Sony’s controller does work on Xbox’s cloud platform.

The above Twitter post seems a gentle and clever reminder of the possibilities. But those who still don’t believe can visit the Xbox Support website, which notes that the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller counts among the “verified” accessories that are compatible with cloud gaming on Xbox.

PlayStation controller support has expanded quite a bit of late. When PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller became available in November 2020, PC players were able to pick up one for themselves and play with a wired connection. Better yet, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on PC now supports DualSense’s haptics and adaptive triggers. Similarly, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla recently received a stealth update that enabled adaptive triggers on PC.

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Source: Xbox Game Pass/Twitter

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